About The Movement


Hi there!

My name is Angela and I am the gal behind the Green Monster Movement!

Wait, what is a Green Monster, anyways?

My healthy living website, Oh She Glows, is where I first started writing about my first shot at making a green smoothie, that I called ‘Green Monster’. Let’s just say my first attempts did not turn out that great! 😉

Now, I blend together kale or spinach, milk (almond or soy), fruit, seeds, powders, etc. and come up with some amazing Green Monster drinks! I have noticed a HUGE increase in my energy, along with a decrease in cravings for sweets. My skin has also become more clear and my hair and nails started growing like weeds!

Since my first posts on the Green Monster, hundreds of readers have emailed me telling me that they too have tried green monsters and they are now hooked! The response has been huge online and offline. I have readers in Japan, Ireland, Australia, and other countries around the world drinking Green Monsters and finding a renewed sense of energy and ‘glow’ in their day to day lives.


I started this webpage in July 2009 because I couldn’t keep up with posting reader’s green monsters on my website, Oh She Glows. I hope that this website will be a place where Green Monster fans can unite, get inspired, and try out new recipes! I also hope to post my own Green Monsters on here as well as try out new product reviews. If you would like to see tons of reader recipes, just click on this link.

I hope you will submit your own Green Monster Story (and photo) so I can share it on this website!

Of course, the slogan that I came up with for the Green Monster Movement was a no-brainer:

We Like It Green.

Oh yes, yes, we do!

Help spread the word of the Green Monster Movement and inspire others in your life to achieve that healthy glow and vibrant energy!